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 Rules -- Please Read --

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PostSubject: Rules -- Please Read --   Wed Jan 14, 2009 4:11 am

Note: We're not responsible for any content posted.


01: You may not Spam.
02: Do not use bad Language.
03: Respect ALL users, the Mod and Admin Team included.
04: You may not place Advertisements.
05: You may not make Racist comments.
06: You may not make Pornographic posts.
07: You may not Disrespect any user, or group of users.
08: You may not make posts about Illegal Activities.
09: We're not responsible for any content posted.
10: Please speak only English, for other languages use P.M.
11: You're NOT allowed to steal credit for the skins/pictures/links or posts/texts from this site ( nor are you allowed to release other user's skins here as your own creations! ©opyright owner retains their rights to the posted work!
12: You MUST give proper credit to the ©opyright owner!
13: To post a skin derived from the work of others, please credit your source.

14: What you have to do when you are posting a skin:

Quote :
These are the steps of how to post a skin:

Step 1: Post screenshots.

Upload first: or any image upload address. (no photobucket)
Once uploaded, right click on it and copy the address.
To post the screenshot put the address inside IMG tags like so: .

Step 2: Source

You need to have permission of the maker of the skin to release the skin,
and you only put the name(s) of the maker(s) there, for example:

Creator: Ruff Barksalot + Jane Q

Step 3: Download link

When you post the Download link there must be the word : >>=>-->Download<--<=<< as a link, or a download button so that, when you click on it the download begins immediatly (Direct download link NO MEDIAFIRE). You do that this way;
upload your folder/skins to (you must make a free account) if you uploaded it copy the direct link) DropBox can be a solution if you make certain that the skins will NEVER be deleted from your local DropBox folder

Click on the "Attach" button on the top which looks like a grey chain link,
there will pop up a box containing 2 lines.

The first line is for the direct download link.
Second line is for the name.
Example: >>=>-->Download<--<=<<

And Guys if you upload a skin upload it to a filehoster with direct links and WITHOUT wait-time like rapidshare, megaupload, or something like that. ABSOLUTELY NO ADFLY LINKS!!

15: Please use only Signatures that are max: 700px × 300px

This is what 700px x 300px looks like:

Signatures which are larger will be deleted.


If you have any questions feel free to ask our Administration / Moderation Team


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Rules -- Please Read --

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