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 RenList 1.0.3

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PostSubject: RenList 1.0.3   Mon Jun 22, 2009 11:52 am

Quote :
RenList 1.0.3 by Adad

* What does it do:
RenList provides the ability to retrieve server list from GameSpy and WOL.
You can also connect to any listed servers by pressing "Connect" or double-clicking the selected server.

>* Usage:
->* WOL:
RenList can list servers from WOL as long as you provide a valid nickname, password and serial to connect.
You may play in any of the servers with 2 clicks; even if they are Direct-Connect protected.

->* WOL Buddy List:
RenList has its own WOL buddy list manager.
Unlike the one from Renegade, this allows an unlimited amount of buddies to be added.
You can also delete, edit and page buddies from the manager.

->* WOL Page ability:
RenList has a nice multi-tab console to send and receive pages from WOL.
Once a page is received, the window will flash to get your attention.
The * at the end of a tab name indicates that you have an unread message from the player.

->* GSA:
RenList can list servers from GameSpy.
You may play in any of the servers by double-clicking the selected server or clicking the "Connect" button.

->* Custom Columns:
RenList provides a way to customize columns to fit your needs including visibility, order and width.
Right click on the column header or from menu: "Options" -> "Columns editor".
The above settings are stored in RenList.xml so you don't have to redo it everytime you start RenList.

>* Note:
RenList developers are not responsible for any actions done by WOL, such as bans.

>* Changelog:
- Read changelog.txt

>* Enjoy RenList!

Quote :
* Fix: "Connect" and "Join" button won't change its state after Renegade is terminated if the section that own the button is not enabled

1.0.0 - 11th Nov, 2008
* Add: You can now copy IP:Port of GameSpy servers to clipboard from right-click menu and select "Copy IP:Port to clipboard"
* Add: More error checking in update downloader
* Add: It's now always check for Renegade executable existence before launching the game
* Add: Main window position is now remembered
* Add: Display GameSpy server info (player info and game config)
* Add: "F5" on keyboard can now refresh servers list in selected tab
* Add: Display WOL server game config
* Add: Ability to use direct-connect in WOL servers and bypass direct-connect kicker
* Fix: Item "Connect" in right click menu in GSA server list is now disabled if Renegade executable does not exist
* Fix: Non-favorite servers no longer appear as favorites in the GSA right click menu.
* Fix: Incorrect sort order for the servers below the last favorited server
* Fix: Freeze while GameSpy servers list is refreshing

0.3.0 - 1st Oct, 2008

* Add: Ability to add/move/remove column (You can set by right click on server lists header or from menu "Option" -> "Column settings")
* Add: Indicator for ascend/descend sort in GameSpy and WOL server listing
* Add: Statusbar is now show the current status of GameSpy and WOL
* Add: Button to control connection to WOL
* Add: Config option for WOL reconnect delay after disconnection (5 - 30 seconds)
* Add: Columns width is now remembered
* Change: Adjust settings dialog checkboxes string
* Change: Auto reconnect will be disabled if WOL responded with invalid password or serial
* Change: Settings code has been simplified for features from the future
* Change: Pressing enter in config dialog text fields is now equal to pressing "Save" button
* Fix: Memory leak from WOL server player info

0.2.0 - 26th Sep, 2008

* Add: Auto updater
* Add: New menu for settings and merged settings dialogs
* Add: Check for Renegade executable existence
* Add: Check for Renegade path on first start
* Add: Ability to sort WOL server players list
* Add: Time-left label in WOL server player list
* Add: Refresh selected GameSpy server
* Change: Moved to wxWidgets 2.8.9
* Change: Blocked columns resize (except player name) in WOL server player list
* Change: The way of how it store GameSpy favorite servers. Even GameSpy master is unavailable, it will still query favorite servers and list if available
* Change: GameSpy and WOL servers list is now output instantly with sort ability
* Change: WOL players list is now sort by current in-game rank by default
* Change: RenList.xrc is no longer needed. It is being merged with RenList.exe
* Fixed: GameSpy servers list is now decrypted properly
* Remove: "Settings" buttons are removed


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RenList 1.0.3

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