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 Renegade LFDS Wrapper

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PostSubject: Renegade LFDS Wrapper   Tue Jun 16, 2009 10:04 am

Quote :
=====Renegade LFDS Wrapper readme =

Filename: Renegade LFDS Wrapper

Version: 0.3

Creator: Daniel Herda - Blackhand Studios



Description: Replacement for the LFDS' non working remote administration capability in form
of a wrapper & preloads scripts*.so file


The Linux FDS doesn't come with a working remote administration capability. This utility provides a multi threading telnet server, that listens to requests and sends incoming commands to renegade server. It acts as a wrapper for the renegade server executable and writes directly into
theconsole. It also loads the right scripts shared libary.

For scripts support on the LFDS, you will need the patched renegade binaries for either RH7 or RH8. You can get scripts1.5 on

Brenbot uses this wrapper to communicate with the server, so this is a requirement.


The wrapper is a compiled perlscript that is available for 4 seperate distributions:

Redhat 7 (official LFDS supported Distribution)
Redhat 8 (official LFDS supported Distribution)
Redhat 9
Suse 8.2

If your distribution is not included, you can try if any of the versions above run. If not,
you can try to contact me. I wasn't able to compile it properly using Debian 3.0 Woody, so
I cannot help here.

It is assumed that you have downloaded the right version of the program.

Edit your server.ini to include a working renrem configuration. The wrapper reads the password out
of the config file.


AllowRemoteAdmin = true
RemoteAdminIP =
RemoteAdminPassword = password
GameSpyGamePort = 4848
GameSpyQueryPort = 23500

If you want to run on your LFDS, put either or
into your renegade directory, and patch the binary.

Rename your renegade executable to "renegade", if not already done. Put "renegade_server"
into the same directory as your LFDS server.


Supported Command Line Options
Usage: ./renegade_server [options]
Option Environment var Default
-help -
-scripts scripts
Specifiy alternative file
-binary renegade_binary renegade
Specify alternate renegade binary file

So, you can manually change the name of the scripts libary, and also change the name
of the binary.

e.g ./renegade_server --scripts --binary my_renegade_binary

Start the wrapper without parameters, do

mac@defiant:~/Server> ./renegade_server

The wrapper will start the renegade server, and is also printing out the telnet port that it
has opened.

mac@defiant:~/Server> ./renegade_server
Renegade Server Wrapper 0.3 (c) 2003-2004 by Blackhand Studios
Opening TCP Port 4853
Using for Redhat 7.3
Started Server with pid 8974
Renegade Free Dedicated Server v1.037 GU-838 03/01/2003 - 19:00:34
Console mode active
Linux Scripts Patch v0.01 enabled Renegade version.
- Initializing patch!
- Scripts relocation offset: 0x00000000
- Original built-in script count: 1635
- Total script count: 1835
- Linux Scripts Patch succesfully
*** Auto starting game. Type 'quit' to abort ***
Initializing LAN Mode
Applying server settings

After this, you can connect to the listening daemon at the specified port:

mac@defiant:~> telnet localhost 4853
Connected to localhost.
Escape character is '^]'.
Welcome to Renegade Remote Control. Enter your password.
Password accepted.
Use help to get a list of available commands.
[08:21:47] GameSpy mode active since Thu Feb 13 08:20:34 2003
[08:21:47] Gameplay in progress
[08:21:47] Map : C&C_Hourglass.mix
[08:21:47] Time : 0.29.09
[08:21:47] Fps : 48
[08:21:47] GDI : 0/1 players 0 points
[08:21:47] NOD : 0/1 players 0 points

To run the wrapper in the background, use nohup ./renegade_server &.


You can quit the session with "quit". This will not be sent to the LFDS.

The wrapper will restart the LFDS if it exists for any unknown reason.

There is no console input in the wrapper, because it is supposed to be run in the
background unlike the LFDS. You *need* to use the telnet access to communicate with
the server.

Greg Underwood for making the LFDS and investing am serious amount of time to fix all the issues! We owe you!
Blazer for helping with POE & compiling binary for Redhat9
Datalore for making Linux binary patch.. thanks m8! Smile You made my day.

Added support for preloading scripts shared libary
Added command line parameters for changing renegade binary & custom name
Bugfixed midnight logfile rollover on telnet output.

Fixed a few bugs while reading the config file.
You're no longer needed to set your gamespy query and gameport.
Connected telnet clients will get the output from the logfiles now, instead of the host console. This
includes Team messages.

This file is the property of the creator, all rights and copyrights belong to him.
This tool may not be used in _any_ commercial form without written permission from the author!
Do not copy, alter, or claim credit for this tool without permission from creator.

Creator: Mac/Daniel Herda - Blackhand Studios

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Renegade LFDS Wrapper

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