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 Renegade Resurrection Server-1.1.2

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PostSubject: Renegade Resurrection Server-1.1.2   Tue Jun 16, 2009 9:44 am

Quote :
Resurrection provides various server-side cheat detections and preventions. Most of them can be enabled, disabled and configured via the server configuration file.

BigHead is one of the oldest multiplayer cheats. The cheat itself is done client-side, what means that the server is unable to determine wether a player made a head big or not.
Resurrection knows a simple but helpful way of preventing and even detecting that kind of cheat.

The first Renegade cheat available was Final Renegade, including a so-called DamageHack, what means, that a player deals more damage with his weapons and even another type of damage. For example, there may be a repair gun, which instant-repairs a target on secondary fire mode.
Resurrection prevents and detects most kinds of DamageHack by comparing the player's damage with the damage his current weapon is allowed to do.

Much later than the first cheats, a cheat called TerminalHack was released. With TerminalHack, a player can open purchase terminal window from anywhere on the map and buy things as if he is in a friendly building in front of a terminal. The player can, for example, use refill or buy beacons from within the enemy base.
This cheat can be prevented and detected by calculating the player's distance to the closest friendly purchase terminal. If the player is too far away from the next terminal, the purchase is blocked and the player might be considered as cheater.
netcode exploit prevention

The Renegade source code wasn't well-designed. We suggest that Westwood was under time pressure and tried to release Renegade as quick as possible. The weak code did not only cause bugs, it also made lots of exploits possible, where most of them are exploits in the netcode. For example, on a standard Renegade server, players can create objects (soldiers, vehicles, powerups, ...), delete objects, modify objects (position, health, score, money, god mode), change server settings and even execute console commands directly on the server!
Resurrection prevens most of these exploits by simply blocking them on the server.
new features
spectator mode

As much as Renegade allowed it, a simple spectator mode has been added. If both, player and server, have Resurrection running and if the spectator mode wasn't disabled, the player can use the '!spec ' chat command to spectate a player. When omitting the player argument, a random player will be chosen. If the spectated player has Resurrection, the camera will be more exact and use first/third/snipe camera settings from the spectated player.
To end the spectator mode, the player uses '!join' or '!play' chat command. Using the configuration, a minimum spectating time can be set, to prevent players from spectating the enemy team and immediately rejoining the game. Spectators cannot use the private chat to prevent the mode from being used as a cheat.
Joining the spectator mode will remove all money, score, kills and deaths!
extended kill messages

The standard kill messages are shown when a player kills another player, displaying both players names without additional information. Resurrection adds extended kill messages, showing player names, base defenses, buldings, vehicles, weapons, sniper headshots, runovers and whether a player died after a fall.
Every player using Resurrection can see the message when playing on a Resurrection server. Players without Resurrection will see some of the messages as host message.
game interruption and pause

* If one team runs out of players, the server will no longer stop the game and pop-up the 'Gameplay Pending' message. Instead, the game will be interrupted, which causes the following things:
o Players cannot cause damage or do repairs.
o Base defenses are disabled.
o The time is stopped.
o The game resets when interruption ends.
o When one team runs out of players, the game will end if any building is destroyed or if the game was running for at least 5 minutes.
* The game can now be completely paused using the pause console command.

WOL for Linux servers

For a long time, Linux servers were rarly used because they were not able to join WOL. Resurrection adds a simple WOL mode, which displays the server in WOL server listing and allows to send and receive page messages (using the page console command).
remote console for Linux servers

On Windows servers, RenRem can be used to remotely execute console commands. On Linux servers, there were no such tool. A TCP remote administration has been added for Linux servers, which can be used via telnet.
other server features

* Using the Resurrection server configuration file 'resurrection/server.cfg', you can enable, disable and modify various Resurrection features.
* Added an own GameSpy query handler. The server will now display players and extended information on GameSpy, All-Seeing Eye and other game server browsers.
* Servers can now have a modified objects.ddb, armor.ini and various other protected files, while players can still connect without the version-mismatch error message.
* When committing suicide, the player will no longer lose money. Instead, the player must wait 15 seconds for the next respawn. The time can be changed in configuration file.
* Reduced damage done by shrapnel ammunition (Minigunner, Sniper, ...) against light vehicles (Buggy, Humm-Vee, Mobile Artillery, Mobile Rocket Launcher, Apache, Orca, Transport Helicopters). If you dislike this change, simply remove the data/armor.ini. But, at least, test it!
* Players can defuse their own C4, which can be turned off using the configuration.
* C4 does now damage the own vehicle. This can be disabled using the configuration.
* C4 can no longer be attached to friendly soldiers, terminals and vehicles if friendly fire is turned off. Players can still attach C4 to their own vehicle, as long as they drive it. This can be disabled using the configuration.
* WOL Windows servers does now show up in GameSpy listing.
* Added chat-command '!resurrection' (alias '!rr') to display all player's Resurrection version.
* When the Windows server crashes, a crash dump will be saved in the 'debug' directory. Send this file to to help examining the cause of the crash.

other client features

* The bandwidth detection when connecting to a server via GameSpy will be skipped.
* The default sort column for WOL server list can be set via client configuration file.
* The player list has been reworked to be much smaller. A fourth display mode has been added.
* The player list will display the kill-to-death ratio even if the player did not yet die.
* Added single player vehicle explosions to multiplayer vehicles.
* The explosion sound of flying vehicles are now 3D.
* Increased money trickle sound volume (harvester unload).
* Added original sounds for chat messages. This can be disabled via configuration file.
* Exchanged harvester engine sounds with the original ones.
* If the player is stealthed, a sound will be played when cloaking/uncloaking.
* Reduced sound volume of the Nod Cargo Plane.
* When the game crashes, a crash dump will be saved in the 'debug' directory. Send this file to to help examining the cause of the crash.

console commands

* (Client) 'hud' turns the HUD on/off completely.
* (Client) 'position (pos)' displays your current position in xyz coordinates.
* (Server) 'map' shows the current map name.
* (Server) 'map ' switches to the given map.
* (Server) 'map next' switches to the next map.
* (Server) 'map restart' restarts the current map.
* (Server) 'nextmap' shows the next map name.
* (Server) 'nextmap ' sets the next map.
* (Server) 'page ' sends WOL pages on linux servers.
* (Server) 'pause' completely pauses the game on servers.
* (Server) 'version' displays the Resurrection version of server and players.
* Recoded the 'help' console command list. The list is now wider and shows command aliases.

fixed bugs

* The pistol does no longer start unloaded.
* Fixed a crash bug on game shutdown if the stealth texture has been used.
* Turrets will now correctly target at the position they are shooting at (thanks to StealthEye from BlackIntel).
* C4 are no longer invisible on maps with a standard repair bay, as on Glacier_Flying.
* The repair bay animation does now play on vehicle repair.
* On servers without Resurrection, Resurrection clients will no longer see the misplaced arc effect.
* Fixed a bug where some animations initiated by the server did not play, like the harvester's harvest animation.


* The obelisk does no longer shoot through soldiers.
* Hotwire and Technician does now have all 6 instead of 5 mines when buying.
* Fixed a bug in linux server scripting engine.
* Fixed the broken connection log message.
* Proximity C4 will no longer detonate nearby dead soldiers.
* Base defenses will no longer shoot at enemy harvesters, as seen on Mesa.
* Players will no longer see the misplaced repair bay arc effect on maps with repair bays.
* On Linux servers, player_info does now display correct IP addresses.

Creator:Yrr/Mark Knaup


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Renegade Resurrection Server-1.1.2

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