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 C&C RenegadeSerial Changer v1.1

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PostSubject: C&C RenegadeSerial Changer v1.1   Sun Jun 07, 2009 10:17 am

Quote :

* Allows you to change your serial number without reinstalling Renegade.
* Should the InstallPath in the registry be missing, it will prompt for the directory to Renegade, and store the new value.
* If woldata.key is missing, it will create a new one, and use that to encrypt the serial number.
* Has a basic serial validation function, so invalid serials cannot be entered.
* Allows First Decade users to re-enter their serial, and generate a properly encrypted key (for use on XWIS)

What it doesn't do:

* Bypass RenGuard bans
* Generate serial numbers

Just a utility to fix bad serial installs / change serials which won't work on XWIS (their database doesn't contain all valid serials, but they can't fix that - it's EA's database). It's been tested on several machines and operating systems, including Linux (using Wine).

- v00d00
Black Hand Studios

Black Hand Studios

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C&C RenegadeSerial Changer v1.1

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