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 DDS Thumbnail Viewer

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PostSubject: DDS Thumbnail Viewer   Thu Apr 30, 2009 10:37 pm

Quote :
Allows you to view .dds files in Thumbnail view in the Windows Explorer.

Quote :
I see alot of people having trouble finding the right files which they want to edit because you can only view 1 single texture in XCCmixer.

This might help you to find it quiker.

- Open XCCMixer and select ALL .dds files.
- Click the rightmouse button
- Select 'copy'

All the skinfiles will be saved in some folder on your harddisk.

Quote :
Install it.

Now go to the folder you saved the .dds in. View them as thumbnails. Now you have a much better overview of the skins Big Grin

I hope some people find this usefull Listen


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DDS Thumbnail Viewer

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