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 New features

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PostSubject: New features   Fri Jul 12, 2013 5:44 pm

A new update is now ready and up for your pleasure! Please check out below for all the functionalities :

Number of characters in the signature goes from 500 to 1000

- Added WYSIWYG editing in the field of the signature on the member's profile via the profile + Admin Panel

In the profile of a member:

In the Admin Panel:

- Added WYSIWYG editing in the field of PM welcome in the Admin Panel

- Automatic registration in a group goes from 1 to 0 message.
So all are now added to the group members. If you reach here at the post count 500 you will be auto added to the group Active members.

- Number of possible HTML pages on a forum increases from 127 to 500

- FaceBook Connect System:(CURRENTLY OFFLINE)
You can now attach your Facebook account to our forums, and fasten the registration process

- Password power indicator on the registration page, profile + Admin Panel.


Currently known bugs, we are working on it:

Scroll feature, accoucements currently offline cause the scroll speed is bugged
The loginform is displayed on some browsers if your logged in or not
Error message that there is no page 1
Error if you post something: Failed sending email to " " (PHP)
Custom Rules at registration are disabled, you will the now only the standard terms
Problem on the PN System
BB-Codes are not correctly shown
Images wont load correctly
- Fixed
- Not fixed, working on it


Next Update:


You will see now the Command and Conqer: Renegade Icon on the left bottom side. If you click on it a chatbox will popup and you can chat with us. If you wanna close it just click again on the red Renegade icon.

Only if your on the index (overview) site

You must be registred and logged in to use that feature.


The Warning system has been fixed. Moderators and Admins are now able to warn again. (in the user profile)

More update will follow soon

Okay next update, Im sure all of you noticed the Windows bar at the bottom.
I worked over 4 weeks on this. And its still not finished, that means no links are working. The most are linked to google or to the

If you click on it, you can use the "search" feature. It should work.
If somone of you have other bugs for example if you dont see a font at the forum please tell me, cause i also changed the standard forum font.

Im sure you noticed that the forum have now more downtimes and longer loadtimes, thats cause the images for the bar are hosted on a extern Server also the Jquery scripts hosted on a extern server. Will be moved soon to a faster server.

If you found any bugs, feel free to report them here in this topic. More updates will follow soon.

Also some comments or suggestions are welcome.


*Windows Bar at bottom and Chat remove cause the code is not complete, and i have at the moment no time to finish it. If i have more time it will be back and completed.

*New Ranks and Section:
GFX Battle Section, read the rules thread there for more Informations, also Player and me started a battle. Dont forget to comment the works and vote please!

*New Ranks:
-VIP Users have now a rank image on their posts.
-Battle winners have now the Rank: GFX Winner on their profile until the next battle is done.
Also the winners can choose the render for the next battle!
-Skinner: Not in use at the moment!

*Removed Sections:
-Deleted the Screenshot section cause the last post was last year!
-Moved the youtube section to the category "Forum" to save visual space =)


Update made cause i was damn bored @ school *lol*

ProfileView Update:

<-- If you view a topic, on the left side the profile table has changed. It have now a better overview and a mouse hover effect.


Hello Members.

I have updated the style.
The Forum is smaller and i added a nice border around it. Also the buttons for "Submit" "Preview" and more have changed to a nice silver + gold if you move your mouse over it.

Also the textbox changed, it have now a round border + the Renegadeskins.Net logo inside.

Navigationbar is updated too. You find now a button with the Text events and Staff

Events will be linked to our special events like "Skin Contest" or any other events that are coming in the future.

Staff will show you a page with the Renegade.Net Staff.

Currently NOT linked. Will be done in few days, cause the pages are not made yet.

A feedback would be nice.


*Little update:

The Staff button in the navigation bar is now linked with the html site. So you can visit now our staff list. Feedback to the design would be nice.


Small update:

Facebook like button on the main page, under the visitor counter.
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New features

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