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 Dragonade 1.2

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PostSubject: Dragonade 1.2   Fri May 31, 2013 2:13 pm

Quote :
- Added setting "ForceTT". This can be used in three ways:
0: Allow non-TT clients to join the server.
1: Allow non-TT clients to join the server and use server damage extrapolation for them. This means they will be unable to use any kind of damage modifying cheat, but their game will appear laggier.
2: Allow only TT clients to join the server.
- New Console functions to toggle server damage extrapolation for a player.
- Added setting "TTRevision". This should be set to the latest publicly released TT revision to ensure all TT players are running that revision.
- Added setting "DropCommandExpireTime" to the Loot Game Feature.
- Parachutes now have sounds.
- Headshot kill messages will now work when the killer is AI controlled.
- Added "!unstuck" chat command that will attempt to move a player if they are stuck.
- Added version of the "!vlimit" chat command that works when the Vehicle Queue is disabled.

- Team remixing should now be more random.
- Team rebalancing has been improved.
- All beacon log messages now include the owner of the beacon.
- Headshot kill messages will now be more accurate when the killer is a non-TT client.
- The functions relating to fixing stuck objects have been improved.
- Updated some out of date scripts files.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a bug in the partial nick matching used in various commands.
- GameSpy should now display the correct next map.
- Fixed some bugs in the chat command system.
- Fixed page sound not playing for the player sending the page.
- Beacon disarm log messages now trigger when the beacon is disarmed by means other than damage.
- Fixed possible crash in RTC Game Feature when a player is on the neutral team.
- Fixed some bugs in the Squad System.


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Dragonade 1.2

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