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 [SSGM 4.0 Plugin] NoC4DefuseOnLeave

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PostSubject: [SSGM 4.0 Plugin] NoC4DefuseOnLeave   Mon Jun 11, 2012 12:35 pm

This plugin will change the way Proxy C4 work so they don't get defused after their owner/planter leaves the game. It does this by setting the PlayerDataClass member variable of C4GameObj to NULL after a Proxy C4 has been created and setting the owner to NULL after he left the server. Info about Proxy C4 and their owner is kept and when a player rejoins, their ownership of a Proxy C4 will be restored. Whitedragon and I did some research on changing ownership of mines and Whitedragon also give me crucial help and feedback to get this plugin working.
Quote :

It's important to check if any server-side mods you're running checks for NULL C4 ownership and a NULL PlayerDataClass member viariable of C4GameObjs, if they access these member variables. I'm also not sure if there are any unusual side-effects caused by this plugin, during testing nothing weird was noticed. This plugin breaks C4GameObj::Restore_Owner() for Proxy C4 so it implements its own version of it. (The function will update the GameObject that owns the Proxy C4 by checking the PlayerDataClass member variable after the owner dies, but because this plugin sets that PlayerDataClass member variable to NULL that doesn't work.)

To install place 'NoC4DefuseOnLeave.dll' in your FDS' root folder and add an entry for it under the [Plugins] section of ssgm.ini.

Thanks to:
Whitedragon - figured out how to change C4 ownership together and gave me important help with writing this plugin.
jonwil - Helped me with a design issue that was bugging me a lot.


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[SSGM 4.0 Plugin] NoC4DefuseOnLeave

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