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 [SSGM 4.0 Plugin] Join Name Regulator

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PostSubject: [SSGM 4.0 Plugin] Join Name Regulator   Mon Jun 11, 2012 12:31 pm

Quote :
A simple plugin that has the following features:

- Truncating names longer than a configurable limit
- Replacing characters in a name
- Changing a name when a player joins under an illegal name, you can configure the name to change to and the amount of digits appended to it

These features have been done by multiple people over the years, but I felt like writing this anyway. You can contact me under the nick 'iRANian' on To install place 'JoinNameRegulator.dll' in your FDS folder and add an entry under the [Plugins] section of SSGM.ini and at the bottom of that file add:

GuestNick = Player ; Name to use + randomly generated digits when a player joins with an illegal name
GuestAppendDigits = 6 ; How many digits to append to the GuestNick
AllowedNameLength = 18 ; The maximum allowed length for a name, anything longer than this number will be truncated to this maximum

; Players who join with one of these nicks will have their name changed to the values configured above
01 = Host
02 = Renegade
03 = Unnamed

; This replaces an illegal character to the left of the '=' sign with the character on the right

;WhiteSpace = ! ; WhiteSpace is a special value as the character can't be loaded from the INI loading system
;[ = _


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[SSGM 4.0 Plugin] Join Name Regulator

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