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 [SSGM 4.0 Plugin] Custom Flip Kill

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PostSubject: [SSGM 4.0 Plugin] Custom Flip Kill   Mon Jun 11, 2012 12:13 pm

Quote :
This plugin contains my implementation of vehicle flip killing, my code checks if the absolute value of the Y rotation of a vehicle (in radians) is more than 1.3 and will then attach a script to destroy the vehicle after a few seconds if the vehicle doesn't "unflip" itself. I've included the following features:

-You can have a list of presets that should not be killed when they flip over
-You can have a list of presets that will be flipped back up ("unflipped") when they flip
-You can configure the multiple intervals used between the flip kill checkings.

You can contact me under the nick "iRANian" on

To install, open or create the file "tt.ini" in the FDS' Data folder and add "[General]" and on a new line add "DisableVehicleFlipKill=true" if they don't exist. Then open up SSGM.ini in the main FDS folder and add an entry for 'CustomFlipKill.dll' under the [Plugins] section of the file, then at the bottom of the file add:

CheckInterval = 3 ; Interval to wait before checking if all vehicles are flipped again
ScriptCheckingInterval = 1.f ; If a vehicle is detected to be flipped a script gets attached that checks every interval
ChecksCount = 4 ; When the script reaches this amount of checks done it'll destroy the vehicle if it's still flipped

; You can configure a list of vehicles to not flip kill here, e.g. if you don't want flying vehicles to flip kill
;01= CnC_GDI_Orca
;02 = Cnc_Nod_Apache
;03 = CnC_GDI_Transport
;04 = CnC_Nod_Transport

; The presets listed here won't be killed when they're flipped, instead they will be rotated back upwards



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[SSGM 4.0 Plugin] Custom Flip Kill

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