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 Black Dawn: Release Date Unveiled - Renegade X

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PostSubject: Black Dawn: Release Date Unveiled - Renegade X   Fri Dec 16, 2011 11:14 pm

[NE]Fobby[GEN] wrote:

Renegade X is a Tactical FPS game bringing the world of Command & Conquer to ground level. It is a First and Third Person Shooter with Real Time Strategy elements, and on January 28th 2012, Renegade X: Operation Black Dawn will be released!

Black Dawn is a singleplayer mini-campaign that will precede the coveted Renegade X multiplayer release. The United Nations' "Global Defense Initiative" (GDI), an international military force set to eliminate terror networks around the world, has discovered a secret island stronghold in the Black Sea believed to be linked to the defiant Brotherhood of Nod, an ancient and secret society looking to dismantle world governments and install its own New World Order.

You will play as Captain Nick "Havoc" Parker, a rough and tough GDI commando leading a special forces team into the heart of enemy territory: Operation Black Dawn.

Black Dawn is not a long campaign, but it is a step towards our full version. It will be complete with many weapons, vehicles, scores of new features, cinematics and dialogue, and much more. It will be available in just over a month, and best of all, it will be fully standalone! Any machine that meets the UDK system requirements should be able to download, install, and enjoy the full experience.

Check out the pre-release teaser below!

We need your help on this year's awards. We are pursuing the "Best Upcoming Indie Game" award this year - please help us win an award this year! Every vote counts! Tell your friends, tell your neighbors - the more exposure we get, the better for everyone!

To vote, visit this link:

Scroll down until you see a header that says "UPCOMING GAMES OF 2011". Then click "Tactical Shooter", and it will unveil a group of Tactical Shooter indies. Then, please click "VOTE" next to Renegade X. And that's it! Tell your friends!

There will be MANY exciting updates on the road to release, so be sure to keep in touch with us through our website, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube!

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PostSubject: Re: Black Dawn: Release Date Unveiled - Renegade X   Sat Dec 17, 2011 7:21 am

about time lol, anyway cant wait for the miltiplayer standalone vercion.

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Black Dawn: Release Date Unveiled - Renegade X

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