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 [SSGM 4.0 Plugin] GameSpy Support

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PostSubject: [SSGM 4.0 Plugin] GameSpy Support   Thu Sep 29, 2011 3:27 pm

Quote :
The code for this plugin is ported from the OnOeS source code written by Hex, jnz and pvtschlag. I started porting this plugin while I was reading the OnOeS source code and had need for GSA support without having to install the RR server or starting BRenBot. I know there are many alternative software that can do this, but it was a relative quick port and I know some people might need this or be interested in it.

This SSGM 4.0 plugin adds GameSpy broadcasting/listing support to the FDS, like WOLSpy, Renegade Resurrection and BRenBot among others (can) do. The configuration file allows you to configure all the non-essential information sent to the GSA master server, such as info about whether friendly fire is enabled or not. You can also send out custom information such as the name of your (community's) site. All the player info is sent, such as kills and game time.

To install:

1. Copy GameSpy_Support.dll to your main FDS folder, where SSGM is located in.
2. Open up ssgm.ini in the folder and add an entry under [Plugins] for "GameSpy_Support"
3. Add the following text to SSGM.ini and edit it to your liking:


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[SSGM 4.0 Plugin] GameSpy Support

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