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 Modified SSGM (2.0.2X)

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PostSubject: Modified SSGM (2.0.2X)   Thu Sep 30, 2010 4:44 am

Quote :

Version 2.0.2X:
- Added: New game mode, Deathmatch
- Added: Console commands
changecharacter, freeze, flymode, givepoints, killplayer, refund, setcredits,
setpoints, teleport, unfreeze
- Added: First blood feature to award players for getting the first kill
They can be granted extra points and/or credits for a kill
- Added: Harvester gamelog messages prefixed under _HARVESTER
- Added: More crates have been included
Big Boom, Disarm C4, God, Tiberium Shield, Money Multiplicator,
Kamikaze, Power Off, Frozen
- Added: Additional drop weapons have been included
Refill drop to restore your health and ammo
Tiberium Shield drop to prevent being damaged by tiberium until death
Health packs will now drop instead of just armor
A backpack that will contain a lot of weapons
Armor and Health upgrades
- Added: Alert messages for beacons
A message will now show telling teamates where their team member lays a beacon
More alert messages for beacons are also included for gamelog prefixed _BEACON
- Added: Auto disarm on illegal beacons on Field, Snow, and Canyon.
- Added: The ability to request a team change using !rtc
- Added: Players can !tdonate from ingame
- Change: Many GameLog messages will now include more information
- Change: Drop weapons are now balanced more evenly for each character
- BugFix: Crates
Points/De-Points crate will no longer give/take credits from a player
Balance issues and probability for Random Vehicle and Character crates
- BugFix: Certain sound events that didn't work before


Latest Unofficial Version: 2.0.2-X by Xpert
Code provided by the original Dragonade mod created by WhiteDragon and vloktboky respectively.
It also includes code released by reborn for use of SSGM plugins. A majority of his
plugins have been combined into SSGM itself. Additional code from the Atomix-Gaming
Renegade servers (


Made by Xpert
from Atomix Gaming

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Modified SSGM (2.0.2X)

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