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 Something is wrong here...

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PostSubject: Something is wrong here...   Wed Apr 07, 2010 12:44 am

This is not as it appears, This is just a random list of strange run ins we all have, But never talk about, Reason I am doing this is... its 0631 hours, (6:31 AM), I have nothing to do right now so I decided all on my own to make a meaningless post Very Happy

(Anant will be overjoyed I am sure.) XD

As I said, These are things that happen to many of us, Yet we never talk about them, Common groundwe all share, For example, have you ever been walking down the street? And you see one or more decent looking wemon walking with a guy that has a beard from 1975?

Doesnt that drive you insane? Your like... "Why does chubaca always get the babes huh?!"

Another interesting event we all face, Have you ever been walking threw a store or a mall, And you have ... A werid halve sqweak halve ... something sound every time you take a steap? And it sounds strange so you feel like a numb skull?

This has happen to me and I tend to find myself look around in a paranoid fashion.

Have you ever been walking along and you see two people who are driving almost hit each other and then you feel superior somehow? Your telling yourself, LOOK AT THOSE PEOPLE! I could of handled that alot better... But every once in awhile, You do have the unfortunate event of seeing a car accident and your only thought is HUWAAHHHHHHHH!

There are alot of little and strenge events and thoughts we have on all sorts of issues, Have you ever been playing a Video Game for a good long time, (Maybe like me with my first time playing Metal Gear Solid 4 where I played start to finish for 16 hours non-stop) Or less, Regardless your playing and maybe its a game you have beaten before so you know what to expect and suddenly it does something unexpected, Maybe your character dies ETC and then you think you game HAS TAKEN ON A LIFE OF ITS OWN!

Okay... Thats a little overboard but it does catch you off guard.

Have you ever been playing a game that is based around horrer and then usddenly something really ugly comes out of nowhere and after you kill it you just kinda sit there for a few minutes as your heart starts beating again?

This has happened to me which is why I never beatSilent Hill 2 >_>

Once again, This whole thing is meaningless, Im just curious and hopefully you get a few laughs.

Take care everyone, Long live Renegadeskins!
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PostSubject: Re: Something is wrong here...   Wed Apr 07, 2010 5:58 am

lol this is a skin forum! not a forum to write books! joke but heh im to lazy to read Razz
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Registration date : 2010-02-03

PostSubject: Re: Something is wrong here...   Wed Apr 07, 2010 9:30 pm

I know, I know, I just felt like doing something out of the norm for once lol.
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PostSubject: Re: Something is wrong here...   Sun Jul 25, 2010 1:12 pm

S S SPPAAA SSSPPPPPAAAAAAMMMMMMMMM -reads from book- Billy told his friend that oneday he was going to be a great cook.

Jenny on the other hand did not as she knew oneday he was born to take pictures.

Oneday when Jenny was walking to Kens house she saw somthing OR maybe someone strange on the road, it was a man dressed up in a white robe.

He said (DATH VADER STYLE VOICE) "Hello there miss, would you mind telling me where the Peanut soup shop is".

Before you know it Billy comes out from nowhere, Whip's out a Green light saber and jumps in front of her.

Jenny asks billy "what are you doing billy this man only wants to know where a shop is".

Billy Replys "its not a man" (With one Swift action billy grabs and pulls the mans robe and removes it, only to relise.........

We are sorry to Interupt this story to bring you these shot Messeges.

THE NEW AND IMPROVED WOBBLE, get yours now, WITH NEW yes NEW, added Wobbly WOBBLE with 10 diffrent types of FACESSSSSSSSS yes limited Time only, buy this Great deal now and get your next WOBBLE half price, Subject to contract, 12 months of $1121 monthly payments, 4.5% Typical Tax, Warning Not for Small Children, Use Responsibly.

........ Welcome back.....

Billy Relises when he takes the robe off it is infact, a man who wants to find out where the soup shop is.

THE MORAL of the story is KIDS dont trust STANGERSSSSSS.

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PostSubject: Re: Something is wrong here...   

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Something is wrong here...

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